Monday, October 5, 2009

Temple Bar and the St. George Marathon

We had our annual Temple Bar Lake Trip and it was a blast of course. The only hitch was when Jason decided to put a 55 gallon drum full of gasoline in the back of the truck I was driving. Jason and Clay went down first to set up camp and I came late night after work towing the boat in Clays truck. When I got to the Dam check point they stopped me and told me I could only have a max 25 gallons of gas with me and that they wouldn't let me cross the Dam. So, with Benson asleep in the truck I proceeded to back track to Laughlin, around to almost Kingman, and back up to Temple Bar Marina. What should have been a 9pm to 10:30pm trip became 9pm to 1am! Oh well, we used all that gas. Didn't want to run out like last year! That's a whole-nother story. This trip was great and we had lots of family with us!
We also went up to Sand Hollow and Pine Valley for the St. George Marathon. We had a great trip out on the lake and the sand dunes and we'll just leave it at that. ;-) We have lot's of ix but we used someone else's camara. The pic at the bottom is Benson asleep on the boat with his cup of pretzels and one he's still dream eating on!

Summer Time

So here are a few updated pix of our sweet boy. He is now saying a lot of words. He can say please very well (he gets what he wants when he says please, that was an easy one to learn), and says thank you about half the time (if we gave him food we can forget about a thank you because now the food's in the mouth!). He says Doggie very well, and Daddie of course, and it's funny when he mixes the two up! Still loves a good wheel and "drives" anything that he's strong enough to push and gets made if he can't push it.
His birthday was a blast and i had a great time making him a whale cake and his own smash cake. I LOVE to cook and create things but working full time managing Allyse's Bridal and trying to be a good mom and wife leaves me about no time to do much creatively.
Work had been good and I love helping brides and other women find a great dress that they don't have to feel uncomfortable in or spend more money to alter something to make it modest. We have done a couple bridal shows and recently had our Homecoming 2009 Fashion Shows. I have a great group of girls working for me now and they are a BIG help and a relief. In June we also went to Orem for Fashion Camp with our Fashion Team girls and Benson got to ride his very first airplane. He loved it and was very well behaved. We had a great family vacation to Newport Beach and, the Ford girls favorite place, Disneyland. Lots of pix here to see. Sorry fam and friends for never being good at updating. I got an IPhone from Jason for my Bday so hopefully now I can update better and maybe facebook a little more!

Wednesday, September 2, 2009

Fun at the Lake in May

We spent our Memorial Day at Lake Mead on Sandy Beach with some good friends of ours The Reeds. We had a great time. It was a little hot mid day and we did have to forgo our big screen movie on the beach due to a crazy wind and sand storm Friday night- but we had a blast. The Reed's girls are too cute! Benson had a great time wake boarding with Jason. We think he may not really get what's going on because he just sorta looks around and is chill. Jason is great with him and Benson LOVES the lake and the boat (he loves just about everything with a steering wheel).

Thursday, April 30, 2009

Fun Times with Benson

We have been really blessed! Busy as usual, but we have had so much fun with our little guy. He is now 10 months old! He is almost ready to start standing on his own and walking but I am in NO rush for that. Still laughing and smiling and now clapping and fish kisses are part of his routine.  

Benson loves the pool! Wish he didn't have the binky in this one, he doesn't have one often.

Benson and cousin Logan, asleep in the car after a trip to the outlet mall. I've heard that's common among boys.

Benson found the Guitar Hero drum set a while ago and decided he'll be a drummer rock star. 
He does a good job at holding the drumstick at the correct end and loves to bang on EVERYTHING! I bought him an xylophone and hid the real drumsticks. He was putting dents in the furniture.

On a ride with Great Grandma Neilson. 

Easter Sunday finding eggs.

Sunday, January 4, 2009

Ringin in the new year

We rang in the new year with the fam, and you can tell how excited benson is for 09.

A work in progress...

So, we bought our home brand new in October and just for kicks we have decided to remodel the whole downstairs, and we have drug the family along for the ride. John, Jared, Kevin And Kim have helped us so much in this undertaking and we are so grateful for the help they have already given us.  this is obviously a work in progress so there are more photos to follow of the progress we are making......hopefully